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ARA Collecting for Suntrust Bank


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I got a letter from Asset Recovery Associates. They say they own my Suntrust bank account.

WELL..I have NEVER had a Suntrust bank account, ever. Did Suntrust have another name prior to being Suntrust?

I think the letter is either a hoax, or an old debt of my ex husband's from 1988-1990.

I found a lot of negative information about ARA on the internet. Soes anyone know anything about ARA?

Thank you.

edit to add:

I have been researching Suntrust. I just don't understand why I got a collection letter.

I have never had any type of account with Suntrust...no loans, mortgages, and no credit cards. And, I have never defaulted on any type of bank account, loan, or mortgage.

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Protect your rights - send it to ARA, not Suntrust.

Exactly! If ARA owns the debt (and they apparently made the claim to you that they do) then it is ARA you need to deal with primarily, at least for now.

They likely will respond to a timely DV (send it ASAP) with the minimum the law requires. That should at least tell you the account number at Suntrust and type of account. Once they send that they can resume collection efforts.

Also get your credit report to see what is being reported by ARA, Suntrust, or anyone else. What might have happened is that Suntrust bought out a bank you or your ex had an account with and merged them. These mergers usually don't go very smoothly because of database schema inconsistencies and other computer issues (a friend of mine use to work in IT for a major regional bank that did a few acquisitions, and always had stories to tell). Accounts get re-incarnated (and then accrue low-balance fees). Accounts get mixed with other people. People do funny things because they hate their "new" bank. And ID theft is so much easier during the transition (knowing some about how the bank computers work, if I wanted to be an ID thief, I'd simply claim the new bank lost my account and they'd readily "re"-open it ... in anyone's name without most of the usual checks).

Once the DV is verified, then send:

To ARA a dispute claiming you never had an account with Suntrust, so therefore their computer records must be in error, or Suntrust's records are in error, or it is ID theft (CMRRR on all communications to ARA and do not talk to them on the phone).

If Suntrust is also reporting it on the CR, even if with a zero balance or "sold" status, do a dispute through the CRA and see if Suntrust confirms the tradeline.

Post back here and let us know what's going on with these steps.

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