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Monday I tried to file a few waiver for jury fees. I have been on a fee waiver but someone on the forum thought I should file another fee waiver for additional items like the jury fees. That was 23 days before trial on Monday.

Today they finally give me back the papers and they judge denied jury fee waiver claiming it was untimely. They claim you have to pay the deposit 25 days before trial to have a jury so that I would have to have asked for the fee waiver then. Of course that was a 4 days holiday anyway but I didn't know I had to ask for another fee waiver anyway.

Can anything be done about this? This judge is very prejudicial and I don't want him at trial. He doesn't care if he is wrong or right, he is buddies with the law firm. I have a call into a law firm that deals with collections but I have no $$ to pay a lawyer. I want to talk to them about this hinky set up that the 'expert' declarant in my trial in san diego is from VA but claiming she was be in San Diego for 20 days before my trial but she is also claiming to be in Oakland california which is a 1000+ miles away from here. How can she swear she will be in 2 places at the san time that are 1000+ miles away from each other. The judge is hinky. the law firm is hinky. I have had about enough and they all seem to get away with it.

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