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Bench Trail 2/14/2012

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Ok im kinda new here so i'm looking for some HELP please.My case in MI is going to trial and I don't know what to do. Here is a breakdown of whats been happenig with me and JDB Orion Finanical atty Timothy E. Baxter.

1.Default judgement

2.Motion to Set Aside Default Judgement Granted (Yay):)

3.Request For Garnishment

4.Objection to Writ for Garnisnment Granted (Yay):)

5.Relase of Judgement off of Credit Report (Yay)

6.Motion for Summary Judgement Dispostion Denied because title chain/complaint (Yay):)

Now we have to go to trial.

My motion was denied because there was no order for discovery-thus, no order to compel can be entered. Also my attempt to subpeona JG for signing the Affadaivt of Correctness was denied.:(

They have'nt provided me with any proof of me owning anything to Orion or GE Money Bank.The only thing that they brung to court was Terms and Conditions of GE Money Credit Card, some printed copies of cc statements with my info and partial Bill of Sale.Nothing with my signature on it.

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