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We are closing on our house and they checked our credit

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When you are purchasing a home, the lender will continue to check your credit and even re-check your employment as late as the date of closing.

Having a 30 day recent late is very serious. Hopefully one of the mortgage underwriters can stop in and answer your question. In my area (FL) it would be enough to stop the loan but our underwriting criteria is much more stringent since we are still in a declining market (and the rest of the country is not).

See if you can call the OC to do whatever you have to do to get it removed. If it is an error, provide the paperwork showing it was paid on time to the underwriter.

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We close on our house in 15 day and they rerun my husband credit and he has a 30 day past due on his credit report? It is the first one he has in like 5 years. Will this hurt our chances of getting the house?

Lender will require a letter of explanation as to why the payment was late, most likely. The lender will also require proof that the paymnet was made.

Also depending on the lender, this could have a negative effect on your credit score (probably 30 points at the least), and could adjust the interest rate on your loan.

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