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First premier card


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In 2008 I got a first premier card. I used it twice and stopped using it. I thought I paid the balance.

No one has ever contacted me about owing 385 dollars. Today the account was placed on my report from First Premier.

It says its a charge off. How bad does a charge off hurt your score.

Also wondering how in can get this removed.

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In terms of actual FICO scores, it is difficult to be precise. As I said, a CO may ding the FICO Consumer Score (the one you're allowed to see, and close to the FICO Bank Card score) by 20-80 points. This may not stop you from getting other CCs, but they will be high interest, lower quality cards.

An unpaid CO is a killer to the FICO Mortgage Score...maybe 100 points or more. Mortgage lenders will insist the account be closed before even considering a mortgage...they want to be sure nobody interferres with their lien.

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Right now i am sitting at 600 eq 580 with the other 2. Just cant seem to get over the 600 mark.

I need 19 points for a VA mortgage. Even with my truck loan reporting on time for the last 3 years and my other auto loan reporting on time for over a year, and a Cap 1 card reporting pays as agreed. My score wont go up over 600.

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If you paid off the balance and then quit using the card without closing the account they most likely kept the account open and charged their annual fees to your card. Then, you had a balance on your account which you did not pay.

Try opening a new account with them. Wait a couple months, then ask for the debt to be verified through Experian. When I did this they dropped the old tradelines because I was using and paying off my new card every stinking month without fail.

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BTO, are you waiting for the statement to drop before you pay it?

If so, I have found that it is better to pay one account to zero before the statement drops so that on the reporting date your balance is reported as zero and on the other card, you might want to let a small balance report of less than 10% of your credit line.

What else do you have on your report? IF you clear the FP item, you probably will get your points. Do you have any other charge off's or public records?

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here is how it is being reported:

Account Number: Status: CHARGE-OFF

Account Owner: Individual Account. High Credit:

Type of Account: Revolving Credit Limit: $200

Term Duration: Terms Frequency:

Date Opened: 03/2008 Balance: $385

Date Reported: 12/2010 Amount Past Due: $385

Date of Last Payment: Actual Payment Amount:

Scheduled Payment Amount: Date of Last Activity: N/A

Date Major Delinquency First Reported: 12/2010 Months Reviewed: 33

Creditor Classification: Activity Designator: N/A

Charge Off Amount: $385 Deferred Payment Start Date:

Balloon Payment Amount: Balloon Payment Date:

Date Closed: Type of Loan: Credit Card

Date of First Delinquency: 04/2008

Comments: Charged off account

they have not updated this account since 2010,

I called them today to see about paying this and was told it has been sold to a ca back in January 2011, they also gave me the ca's number but I am not going to call them and have them start calling my phone all the time. Funny thing is, I have never been contacted by a ca about this.

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