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advise on MASS no interest student loan defaulted


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Hello there all,

First off, thank you to everyone and anyone who takes the time to respond, or even read. This board is such a help.

Anyway, here is my situation: This week I received a Notice of Collection Placement from EOS / CCA This is from a Massachusetts No Interest Loan from back in the college days.

From looking and researching the letter I received, it does not look like EOS CCA is the owner of the debt, and that it is still owned by MASS BOARD OF HIGHER EDUCATION. (Not yelling that, just how it looks on the letter.) So no reason to Debt Validate this after all.

So here is my question now. As it looks like this is a valid debt, where should I go from here? This loan must have defaulted back in 2002-2003, and I have not heard a peep from anyone until last week. I don't know if that would help me try to get this back in good standing with the Mass Board of Higher Ed. But according to their website:

"As per the terms and conditions of the NIL promissory note when a borrower fails to make an installment payment when due; and that this failure persists for 120 days the account is then considered in default. defaulted accounts are placed with collection agencies. Once defaulted accounts are placed with collection agencies the borrower must make payment to the assigned agency. You may contact ECSI Education Services 1-888-549-3274 to find out the collection agency that currently has your account(s)."

That makes it sound like I will have to deal with the collection agency, and I've heard this one in particular is a real bunch on jerks. I hate dealing with jerks, why can't it just be a normal conversation?

Anyway, anyone have any advice about how to proceed from here? Wait for the next letter…I guess a Summons For Judgement (something like that) would be the next step. Seeing as I haven't heard from them for years and years, should I just let this slide? See if it disappears again? I'll have to deal with it sooner or later, I know, as Student Loans don't go away.

And while it is a manageable amount of debt ($5,000) I certainly cannot pay that right now as I've been on unemployment for several months as my job with Dupont moved to California and I did not go with them (Hey, I'm an East Coaster)

Can they garnish my unemployment if it comes to that? Do these people tend to work with you at all, or do they just bludgeon you until they get their money?

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Enigma2118 - My son is in a similar situation with a NY State student loan. He defaulted in 2005. So far there have been numerous calls and letters to my address (this was where he lived when he took out the loans). He lives out of state and has never received a phone call or letter, however they did take his income tax refund. He was on unemployment for about 1 year and it was not garnished.

He is in much better shape financially now and will need to deal with this shortly, but for now, the only seizure has been his tax refund.

Good luck, please check back and let us know how this goes. Maybe I'll have some advice for my son.

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