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Disputing account in good standing


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Does anyone have any experience disputing an account in good standing? 6 months ago I opened a new card (Barclays) that I never used and what I would like to do is close the account AND remove it from the bureaus before January 2nd. Simply closing the account and not removing it would be worse than leaving it open as it's not costing me anything and the extra room for utilization ratios is always nice. I can't dispute it until I close it so I wanted to see if anyone had success with disputing good trade lines first.

The reason I opened it was because my biggest problem was "too few open trade lines" at the time. Now my biggest problem is a lack of long history as all my old accounts fell off leaving me with only 6 trade lines all opened in the last 2 years.

I just learned about Amex backdating so I plan to attempt that (member since 88) on January 2nd but I think the new account above will really hurt my chances of approval, hence why I want it gone first. If only I knew about backdating before I applied for the Barclay's card solely to have more cards... ;(


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