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2009 Capital One Cardholder Agreement needed


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I desperately need a copy of the 2009 Capital One Cardholder Agreement. This is driven by the fact that my wife is being sued by Capital One (Hanna & Associates) in GA...regarding a card that was opened in March of 2009.

I believe the 2008 agreement will obviously not apply, and they've attached a copy of the 2010 agreement to their Statement of Claim...which does not include Arbitration/JAMS. I need the 2009 agreement to include with my MTC Arbitration, which I must file this week.

New to this and learning fast! Thanks in advance - Algae

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If an account was opened in 2009, Capital One sent them the 2008 agreement as that was the one still in effect as there were no changes to the agreement.

If they are trying to use the 2010, you use the 2008 which has the survivability clause.

2010 takes away your arbitration rights.

2009, you still had them!

Here's the 2008 - CAP1-1_merged 2008.zip - 4shared.com - online file sharing and storage - download

They don't want you to know that and want you to think you have to use the 2010, but that is to their advantage. Anybody that opened a Capital One account in 2009 was given the 2008 agreement, so use it with all confidence! :)++

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