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How to Deal with Portfolio Recovery Associates


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I had my run-in with PRA and I wanted to share my take on how to deal with them. If you follow these steps, they will most likely never bother you again.

1) PRA sent a dunning letter stating they bought a debt from an OC. DO NOT IGNORE IT.

2) Send a debt validation letter stating specifically that you will not pay the alleged debt and if they attempt to call you, you will file a lawsuit against them.

3) They will most likely not respond to your validation request. Then, they will start reporting to the CRAs.

4) Send one last letter to PRA stating if they do not remove the tradeline from your credit reports or you will file a lawsuit.

5) They will not, so send the dispute specifically stating to all 3 CRAs that there is inaccurate information on your credit report being reported by PRA. Include the credit reports with tradelines, a copy of your Drivers License and a copy of a utility bill and all letters sent to PRA. Send the exact same thing to PRA.

6) The CRAs will most likely delete the tradelines and you will never hear from PRA again.

7) If they do contact you or the tradeline is not deleted after sending the disputes to the CRAs, then find a consumer law attorney and sue under the FDCPA. Have the attorney negotiate to have PRA forgive the debt.

8) The debt will be forgiven, it will be off your credit reports and you will make money off of PRA.

I have a copy of the dispute letter I used and once I got to step 5, I never heard from PRA again and the CRAs deleted the tradelines. If PRA tries to put their TL back on your CR, that is another suit.

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