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Personal Loan Help...please


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I have a personal loan with Discover that I have not paid since Aug 2011 because my Husband lost his job and I was not able to pay all the bills, so I decided not to pay Discover. Based on the info on this site, it looks like I made some mistakes and now I am wondering what to do.

My scenario:

I had great credit (680 or higher) before this personal loan, and now I am on the verge of a Charge-Off with Discover - they sent me a letter stating that my account will be charged off at the end of this year. I have made payments to my other 3 credit cards throughout, so Discover is the only one that I have not paid. I have contacted CCFS and am waiting for a call/email back to see if they can help. I also called Discover twice, once in Aug 2011 and they told me to call back in Nov/Dec, then I just called the other day and the Sr Acct Rep stated that they could do nothing for me. Is this true? Or should I keep calling them to try to reduce my monthly payments?

But, I am wondering if there is any way to work this out with Discover Personal Loans? Or, do I follow the info within this site and stop paying all of my credit card bills and wait for everything to go into collections?

If you could give me some helpful advice - it would be great...I am trying to make this right and didn't realize that my Husband would still be looking for work after months of looking.

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