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For anyone interested, you can verify any Debt Collector's License

by going to "Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance" website...just enter this in your search engine.

Once you get there, you will find a "license search" link

And from there you can search for any Debt Collector license in any state. I do note however...not all states require that debt collectors be licensed, however, if they are not licensed in any state at all, they may be in violation of either state or federal law, as businesses are required to be licensed usually with their respective Departments of State.....maybe someone can elaborate on this....for example, they should be required to be licensed

in their state of domicile as a "business" and registered with their Department of State'...and if they are not...then this alone is a violation.

I will add this: THE STATE OF TENNESSEE DOES NOT HAVE RECIPROCAL AGREEMENTS WITH ANY OTHER STATE...and for you Debt Collectors who do not understand...this means that if you are not licensed in the State of Tennessee, you Cannot "Commence" Collection procedures, by mail or phone, even if you are licensed in another state and without limiting the scope of this law, should be interpreted to mean that you cannot retain an attorney to "COMMENCE" OR "CONDUCT" litigation IN YOUR BEHALF, as certainly retaining an attorney would be to "COMMENCE" and CONDUCT" THE BUSINESS OF COLLECTION while not being licensed in the state of Tennessee, and certainly causing a summons to issue and filing suit would be to "Commence and Conduct Business" and should violate this article as cited below:


Tennessee Fair Debt Collection Practices Act 62-20-105(a), which holds: " No person shall "COMMENCE", OR "CONDUCT" or operate any collection service business in this state unless such person holds a valid collection service license issued by the board under this chapter, or prior state law"

DEFINITION OF ''COMMENCE"...."to begin or start".

In view of Tenn law, and this definition, it should be held that an "Unlicensed Debt Collector cannot "begin or start" collection of a purported debt, to include, letters, telephone calls and "begin" or "start" a lawsuit by retaining an attorney", such action would be contrary to Tennessee law, and should be held to violate both the FDCPA and TFDCPA in that the" natural consequence of such action would be to cause anxiety, stress, oppression and abuse"

and Tenn Code 47-18-104(27) specifically states:

"Engaging in any act or practice which is Deceptive to the Consumer or any other person"

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