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Questions about PFD medical debt ONLY


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I would like to buy a house this Spring and currently I have 14 delinquent accounts on my CR all medical debt adding up to about $2500, most are at least a few years old.

Other then my medical debt, I have perfect credit. I always pay my CC's and loans on time.

I recently went to house buying counselor who instructed me to call the CA and to attempt to negotiate a settle and delete. So I called one and of course was told they could not delete and I paid the bill. Afterwards I did some research and realized that is NOT what I should have done! Now that account will be marked as current!

I have no problem paying my bills in full but how should I go about settling the debt?

Do I send a PFD letter to the CA?

Do I call and work out a PFD? How do I do so without claiming the debt?

Do I contact the OC? How do you know if the OC sold off the debt? And if they did I need to deal with the CA only right?

Unfortunately I need these off my CR sooner then later.

Oh! And yes I have sent DV letters to all of the accounts on my CR.

They have been validated.

Thank you!

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You can try a back door pay for delete. Use the search function in the top right and put in pay for delete. It's a way to get around the pay for delete issue being against the contract the creditors have with the agency.

Of course no guarantee they will go for it. I've heard others having success with it, but it usually involved large debt the creditor really wanted to get their hands on.

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