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CA reported a debt that's not mine to credit bureaus


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Here's the short version of what happened to me.

04/11 - I get a call from Credit Management LP. They say I owe them over $600 for an old bill from Charter Communications from when I lived in a city called Berlin, WI from 2007. Problem is this is not my debt and it's from a different Eperson with my same name. I told them so. They say they will send me a letter to dispute it.

05/11 - They send me a letter saying I owe them the money and I should send it to them. They give me their address to send payment to, etc.

05/11 - I send them a letter saying this is not my debt. I provide proof I did not live in that city at that time (by using a copy of my credit report I had just got weeks earlier). I also provide information showing this other person with my same name lives in Berlin, WI. I tell them to not send any more letters or call, otherwise I will consider it harassment and i will report them to the state and seek legal action. I believe they received the letter I checked months ago).

I hear nothing more.

12/15/11 - Applying to refi my home. I find out that Credit Management has reported this bad debt to Transunion. Credit score is messed up now. I call them and tell them this is not my debt and remind them that I already told them so. I chastised them for reporting to the credit bureau. They say they had sent me a letter to fill out and I never returned it. They say they will send me a new letter and once I send it back they will have the unpaid collection conditionally removed from my CR while they look into this more (or something like that).

I don't believe they will remove this from my CR and I think this is a stall tactic.

What should my next step be? Send them their letter back and wait? Should I take different action?



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Stop playing their game and make them play yours. If you have proof you notified them it is not your debt and then they still put it on your CRA without the dispute notation you have them on a FCRA and a FDCPA violation. I would simply file suit for $2,000 immediately and let THEM start dancing to your tune.

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