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need some tax lien help


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Date Filed: 12/2007

Case Number:

Court Number/Name:

Court Address: 100 W Main St

Muncie, IN 473052827

Amount: $2,039

Class: VS/ State

Date Reported: N/A

Lien Status:

Date Released: 03/2008

Date Verified: 04/2008

I have two of these on my report. They were both settled by the State. They were reported in error and the state, and they released them both. The state says they do not delete they just show them released. Even a released report still hurts your credit score. I need to delete these, but I have a feeling I will have to fight these by legal means.

Any ideas from ya'll would definitely help.

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....The state says they do not delete they just show them released.

Understand your credit report is not like a book where you can rip out a page to hide something. It is a report of your past finances.

Unfortunately only time is going heal your credit report. Even though it was settled, it happened. If a person has a bankruptcy (13/7), it can be discharged, but it remains on the report for 7 to 10 years.

A suggestion to manipulate your score higher, with installment debt, start sending extra with the normal payment.



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