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Happy Holidays Everyone! Keep fighting the good fight!!

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show the appellate that I am working hard for reversal.

I couldn't have come this far without all of the people here.

helping and being helped really gave me perspective to appeal and hopefully win. I can rest easy in the knowledge I gave 110% at this and everything.

I hope above all to win and become citeable and change the collections litigation tactics used by scumbags to ruin peoples lives.

Fighting on. Fighting hard. carrying on.

I can rest easy that if I lose I helped countless people win. I can live with that. and they can never take anything important to me.

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You guys are amazing! I'm absolutely positive I didn't list every single person who helped me in particular, however, EVERYONE here particularly Admin needs a big Holiday Hug!

Even the smallest post yields greater insight when you get tons of eyeballs on the issue it addresses. It's hugely helpful for everyone, even if that specific situation hasn't come up for us.

Around this time, last year, I was living in a dorm, shocked and very depressed that my own credit report was rife with errors and fraud. Everywhere I called, everyone I asked for help said, "OH! How can it be fraud? Didn't you report it? If they say its you and its your address, then you should pay it." And every time I looked up from my stipends and tried to budget a payment for this trash, I would get a knot in my stomach. Phone calls lead to harassment from these creditors. Police fraud reports were helpful but not speedy in getting my credit cleaned up. Things were bad. I thought about BK.

Now, I'm living on a well-appointed COUCH (Thank you OohhLaaNooo!) with my very own Ikea coffee table. I have a nice clean credit report thanks to strongly-worded letters with case law citiations sent via CMRRR. I even have a check from a JDB for a cool $6,000 after the same JDB jack-hole tried to sue me for a $1200 debt that was very obviously not mine. I'm hoping to move into a modest bachelor for Spring semester! Yay!

So, yea. Thanks all of you! Thank you thank you thank you!

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