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Michigan: Need Michigan Experts Please!

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Ciao Michiganders!

Looking for help doing a bit of research and information "digging". The topic? Rules/Law/Statue on:

What needs to be cc: to opposing side? I'm assuming anything filed with the court, needs to be sent to opposing atty... but where's the official rule on that?

When you are sending said copies to opposing atty, CMRRR? Hand deliver? If hand delivered, what are the "rules" on that? How do you prove you hand delivered it (mailing it I got, hand delivery I wonder...)? Could they refuse to accept it? What happens then?

Michigan Law vs. Individual Court Rules on timelines for various things. If you know something, fire off a quickie post!!

Rules of Initiating Discovery--uniform for the state or varies by court?

Strategy during Discovery--got one? used one sucessfully or unsucessfully? give me the dirty details!

Looking forward to everyone's information and opinions!!! :D

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Rule 2.110 Pleadings This defines what constitues a pleading.

Rule 2.004 (This one only applies to Coltfan)

Rule 2.107 Service and Filing of Pleadings and Other Papers

I like your rules. You can actually find things, not like other states. Oklahoma is the worst I've ever tried to decipher. I think you know my strategy for discovery, if not, email me.

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Look at my discovery requests in my threads on GE Money Bank...Also look at your statements, see if the name MCCBG shows up as the servicer.

The Plaintiff's attorney objected to every request for production and interrogatories, you can use those objections in your favor when they try to admit evidence.

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