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They can't tell me how/why I owe them money? Then why is it on my credit report?


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I had gotten a loan for a car through Chrysler Financial, I had the car for a little over a month and was hit head on by another driver (not my fault) and the car was totaled. Long story short the other persons insurance paid the car off AND I ALSO had GAP insurance-not that it should have mattered the other insurance paid the car off. Well I thought it was all taken care of I went and got another car and life goes on. I was young and didn't know or care about my credit because besides my car I never "needed" anything that required me to get credit-never got a credit card or applied for a store credit card so I never cared to look or check my credit until of course I realized I needed it to get into a house one day...and also for rental purposes-and not that my credit is awful or anything BUT realized it needed to be monitored.

Well low and behold Chrysler was reporting a balance of $550 from the car that said sold/charge off and with a negative credit history. Well Chrysler was sold off to TD Auto Finance so when I found out they were reporting this of course I called. The 1st call took me awhile to get anywhere because they couldn’t find that account number and I had to send a written request for information. Well finally they sent me a letter stating I had a $0 balance with them so I think ok well I will dispute this on my credit and get it taken off. So they take off the balance but the account status and history stay the same. So I again dispute and make sure I add that the history and status are wrong, well this time it ALL comes back on my credit. SO I call TD and speak with someone and the first person say on no no the title was sent off to the insurance company and you have a $0 balance I will send you another letter stating so and I letter stating we will make changes to your credit. SO I again get the $0 balance letter and a general we will make changes to your credit.

So I send THAT off to the credit bureaus thinking it will come off but nope comes back verified. SO make another call to TD and was transferred here and there to finally speak to someone that says oh you actually do have a balance and the information on your credit is correct….hmmm really?!? So why was I told I had a $0 balance and WHY and HOW do I owe you money? So they do the whole we don’t know they were mistaken and we will send you information on why you owe…ok fine with me if I owe I owe. SO all I get in the mail is a copy of my contract, NOTHING else. How does that provide me with how I owe you any money? SO here I am with this negative information on my credit and no one with TD auto finance can tell me why.

The car accident was in 07 and just FYI my car payment was NOT $550…

What are my steps now? Do I call TD again? I dispute it and it just comes back verified even with sending the $0 balance letters AND the we will make the changes to your credit. Do I ask for verification that the title was sent off? If I owe them (which I don’t see how-again I ALSO had GAP insurance) then I have no problem going from there but they can’t seem to tell me HOW or Why I would owe them anything just that somehow I do. Do I just take this to court?

Sorry So long! And thanks for any advice or suggestions!!

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