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Deadline for response to Counterclaim - Georgia Superior

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I searched the threads and did not find a definitive answer elsewhere.

Venue - Georgia Superior Court, civil

When filing a DEFENDANT’S ANSWER, AFFIRMATIVE DEFENSES AND COUNTERCLAIM, is there a requirement that Plaintiff answer the counterclaim?

If they are required to answer, what is the time period allowed for an answer?

I have searched and Googled and read. It appears that in other states they are required to answer by a certain time or be subject to default judgement, but cannot find that in GA codes/procedures.

If you know, please also provide citations so I can locate online.

Many thanks!!

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Thanks KentWA.

Based on the things I read I believe that the answer is no, they do not have to answer a counterclaim. Too bad. I guess I'll have to go through the process of discovery to get some movement.

What was really helpful was the Google Scholar referral. I was not even aware of that part of Google. I have been using straight Google to search for information and sometimes the search strings get quite long and convoluted trying to drill in on the right information. Amazing what can be accomplished!! Thanks.

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