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My first dispute letter


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If you have the time, I am willing to listen to any advice you may have for me.. Thanks! By the way, its marked as "collection, paid" on my report.

Dear Experian

This letter is a formal complaint that you are reporting inaccurate credit information.

I am very distressed that you have included the below information in my credit profile due to its damaging effects on my good credit standing. As you are no doubt aware, credit reporting laws ensure that bureaus report only accurate credit information. No doubt the inclusion of this inaccurate information is a mistake on either your or the reporting creditor's part.

The following information therefore needs to be verified and deleted from the report as soon as possible as I dispute its accuracy.

1 - CREDIT CONTROL CORPORATION, acct. xxxxxxxxxxxx

2 - CREDIT CONTROL CORPORATION, acct. xxxxxxxxxxxx

I called the original creditor, “Cox Communications” on 01/03/2012 at 3:30pm PCT phone number 702.383.5054. I spoke with Michael, would not provide his last name, in their collections department. He was not aware of any debt sold to “Credit Control Corporation” as you have reported. I also attempted to contact “Credit Control Corporation” by mail as their phone number is not listed on your credit report, but they have not returned any of my attempts at communication. I do have an existing account with Cox Communications but to my knowledge, and Michaels in the collection dept, have never been in default with them causing them to sell a debt to Credit Control.

Please delete the above information as quickly as possible. I have also attached a copy my driver’s license and a recent bank statement for your convenience.


Brainded Brainded

DOB - xxxxxxxxxxxx

SSN# - xxxxxxxxxxxx

DL# - xxxxxxxxxxxx

Current Address


Las Vegas, NV xxxxxxxxxxxx

Previous Address


Las Vegas, NV xxxxxxxxxxxx

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