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Need some explaining about an Order Vacating Order

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After many years of trying to avoid BK we finally had to file. Not because of personal debt but due to lack of business.

Yesterday I received a Notice of Vacation of Dimissal Order.

TO: Debtor, All Creditors and other parties in interest

You are notified that an Order Vacting Order of Dismissal was signed on 12/2011.

What does this mean?

Thanks in advance.


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A motion to vacate dismissal is a request made to the court to "re-open" a case. There is an order of dismissal if a party failed to appear for a hearing, if it is determined by the court that a party has not stated a claim upon which relief may be granted or any number of other reasons. The party that the order of dismissal is against, will file this motion indicating justifiable reasons for which dismissal would be unjust to the moving party.

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