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AAFES Confusion


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So i have a military star card account on my CR that has been transferred/sold. On my credit report it say sometime in Nov 2010 it was sold or transferred. Although i do believe at that point it was just charged off because they yanked my whole tax return that i filed in 2011. The balance of the account says $0, obviously because they sold it off.

So anyways im trying to clean up my credit so i gave them a call, and they said that the balance remaining was around 800 dollars or so, but it was sold off to a company. She gave me a phone number-- maybe some of you recognize it--- to the company who it was sold to. 1-800-824-9392. I googled the number and it came up as something like LSI or OSI, basically a CA.

So i called the Treasure Offset Program number, and it says the is a possible offset on my ta return this year, and it is the army air force blah blah, basically that same charge card that they sold off. So here are my questions:

1. There is no sign of LSI or OSI on my credit report. All the CA are accounted for. How can this be?

2. Since my account was transferred/sold, can AAFES take the rest out of my tax return, since they no longer have it anymore?

3. They took my tax return last year, but they havent shown that on my CR, should i have them update that? Or is it better to leave it due to SOL?

This is a great site, thanx for your help in advance.

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