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looking for help with motion to compel Bop in cali

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to start off im sorry im a newb and can't find everything on my own yes i searched maybe i just suck at it = (

Midland funding LLC and Hunt/Henriques vs me (about $4k)

LA California

lets see i served bill of particulars last October didn't get any response so i sent out a meet and confer letter, then i got there answer with 18 account statements a few saying its not an original, and the last with a balance of about 2k

after my case management which we only set a date for a court trial this month on the 23rd and the case summary says (trial briefs and CCP 98 Declarations shall be filed by January 13)

so now i would like to file a motion to compel for this BOP that there response is not sufficient.

what im looking for is what all is needed forum wise so i can file this with the court,this is what i have so far

Notice of motion FL-301

Responsive declaration to order to show cause or notice of motion FL-320

application for order and supporting declaration FL-310

again sorry im having trouble with this im really not that smart, and any other info for this u guys might have please

thanks in advance

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thanks helpme for responding but, i have found that sample aqui has and used it but maybe i didnt use it right, i have it on my application for order and supporting declaration forum(FL-310)

maybe this is where i dont understand how to start my motion to get it sent in.

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I believe the form you're using is for family law (FL). I don't believe that's the form you would use for civil litigation unless your rules of court states that's the form to use. In the California Civil Procedure Before Trial Vol 2 for Bill of Particulars to Motion for further BOP it doesn't specify a form but shows the layout of what it looks like on pleading paper like what you saw on Aqui's thread.

Then you call your court and ask for a hearing date. It must be 16 days out. I can't remember the CCP that states how much notice you need to give the other party. But that's also explained in Aqui's thread.

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