Can a JDB win w/ just a BOS?

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i just found this now ! you won hooray !!!!!!! 8-)

Personally i think it's great that you took that pounding on the stands ...i mean i dislike the fact that he caused you emotinal anguish ... but the thing is , he ended up focused on trying to get you to admit the same thing over and over and over again instead of trying to get you on other points ..plus like the others have said , it couldn't have made a good impression on the judge ...

yeah USA USA USA USA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMGosh dude you are so crazy....LOL I love the USA chant!!!! USA Rocks! 8-)

Well looking back now I know why he badgered me like that. He knew he was losing to a Pro Per!! HA! The last thing he did was examine me. So I hadn't realized all my objections but 1 were sustained. And I was going for standing so that maybe why he felt he better let something in (the BOS)to help my case out. The judge was a very calm, fair judge to both of us. He helped walk me through & even told me what my closing argument was about...lol He got it. It was grt looking back. I do wish he would had told the atty to stop yelling at me, but I think he wanted that atty to look like an azz. I wasn't about to show emotion & I think I did a grt job til out in my car. :( So now I can get some rest its been a long 2yrs.

I have to thank Calawyer & Seadragon those 2 busted booty for me & made me feel I could go to court up against professional atty's & a witness & win both cases WITH prejudice! AMAZING job!!! Thank YOU!!!:mrgreen:

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Congrats are in order!!! I am so happy for you!!!!!!!! They are such jerks and YOU showed them a lesson. So very proud of you!


(1111)... :-)

Thank you for your help w/ the questions they came in handy & I even used the MTS the testimony at the end part..lol It was funny when I said it b/c everyone perked up at that point. I said it wrong since she wasn't the CCP 98witness, yet they knew where i was going. Plus finding out the verdict on

1-11-12 (1111) was pretty wild. 8]

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That is so awesome that you were able to get the scumbag JDB right in the kisser.

I've got a trial coming up soon and I would love to know what your cross examination questions were to get the BOS kicked. Pretty Please??

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Congratulations :)

Seadragon, as usual, has it just right! Stand outside that courthouse with a sign :)

BTW, I had a difficult time with the Memorandum of Costs and realized after the fact that I could have had it at court on the day of the trial with a Request for Court Judgement, or am I wrong? Anyway, I finally found a form CIV100 that specifically requests either Entry of Default, Court Judgement or (and just what I want) CLERK'S JUDGEMENT so I'm working on completing that and getting it filed as obviously they did not respond to my Memorandum of Costs.

Talk about learning curve!!!!! Of course with the help of so many generous people here :)

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Hi!! I'm not sure if you ever posted the "how you got everything thrown out!" . I know you said you were going to post a new thread. I'm having a tough time finding it.

Does anyone know where this is. I'd love to read it, since mine is also in CA. Also, what court was it, if I may ask?

I have a feeling the Attorney is going to fight this thing all the way! (mine)

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