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Missouri Rules - regarding diskettes for Discovery Docs

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I need to answer interrogatories. They sent me a diskette such as ones mostly computers don't even have a drive to read anymore and so I'm expected to use this but I can't and anyway I have an Apple Computer. I was thinking there was an exception that if you didn't have access you would not have to use the diskette.

Or when sending mine to them that I don't have to send them a "most commonly used" aka Windows diskette when I don't have that kind of computer.

I can't find anything that talks about this but I could swear I saw it once before. Does anybody know - how can they make you use a diskette that your computer doesn't have a drive to read or the software either.

Thanks - I got to get these answers out ASAP and not sure how to proceed.

57.01. Interrogatories to Parties

(a) Scope. Any party may serve upon any other party written interrogatories. Interrogatories may relate to any matter that can be inquired into under Rule 56.01. An interrogatory otherwise proper is not necessarily objectionable merely because an answer to the interrogatory involves an opinion or contention that relates to fact or the application of law to fact, but the court may order that such an interrogatory need not be answered until after designated discovery has been completed or until a pretrial conference or other later time.

(b) Issuance.

    • (1) Form. Interrogatories shall be in consecutively numbered paragraphs. The title shall identify the party to whom they are directed and state the number of the set of interrogatories directed to that party.

    • (2) When Interrogatories May be Served. Without leave of court, interrogatories may be served on:

        • (A) A plaintiff after commencement of the action, and

        • (B) Any other party with or after the party was served with process, entered an appearance, or filed a pleading.

    • (3) Service. Copies of the interrogatories shall be served on all parties not in default. The party issuing the interrogatories shall also provide each answering party an electronic copy, in a commonly used medium such as a diskette, CD-ROM or as an e-mail attachment, in a format that can be read by most commonly used word processing programs, such as Word for Windows or WordPerfect 5.x or higher. In addition to the information normally in a certificate of service, the certificate of service shall also state:

        • (A) The name of each party who is to respond to the interrogatories;

        • (B) The number of the set of interrogatories,

        • © The format of the electronic copy and the medium used to transmit the electronic copy to the responding party.

    • At the time of service, a certificate of service, but not the interrogatories, shall be filed with the court as provided in
Rule 57.01(d).

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The best bet if you do not have a floppy drive (and many computers do not these days, nor place to put one) is to exchange them via email. Of course some lawyers are going to attempt to tell you you have to go buy a disk drive (had one try that) and I told him I will just seek a protective order. He gave me his email address.

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