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A Definition Please!

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Don't feel bad. I'm not an atty, never stepped foot in law school. Many years ago, I sued a JDB and got their "bury me in paperwork" responses and countersuit. I just had to sit down at the computer and started Googling a lot of the terms.

They hit me with lack of subject matter jurisdiction, failure to state a claim, and some other b.s. that I just had to go word by word and learn.

It will all come together and when it does you feel empowered. Now I feel I can go toe to toe with anybody and "bring it on" never lost (and I've had trials), never paid a settlement and have cashed their checks.

I got that big packet of documents with all that leagal sounding jargon and just started working through it. It will start to click and then you can start googling the pharases and start getting the case law and see how it is actually applied by the courts.

Once I did that, the other side dropped most of their reasons to dismiss. They did not want to argue that b.s. once I asked for oral arguments after I figured out they just said, "we are mad he sued so please dismiss" only used a bunch of legal words.

Good Luck !!

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I've spent the last half hour trying to find a definition for "Instant Action." Would someone please point me in the correct direction or provide a definition?

Thank you all very much,


The best way to learn "legalese" is to use Google Scholar. Find some credit card cases and read the decisions. You'll pick up a lot of the terminology there.

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