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LVNV and law collector


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New and really need direction. Trying to get debts in order and have managed to get up to date on most of them. I will eleiminate debt!

Current concern is two credit cards totaling about $60,000.

Both from the same bank showing Charged-Off on CR.

They also show on CR under LVNV as Factoring Company Account, collection account.

Not knowing what to do with all the calls I found CDRT on the web and they "promised, we will help". Well, they did, and set up trust account to collect payments. Then I learned they were keeping $50 of each payment.

Short story is they(CDRT) with WW&R agreed to a lump sum and monthly payments on 1 card and I am making payments as agreed. (will end in a few months)

Advise for the 2nd card please. WW&R calls regularly about paying for the second card. My replies have been, "Paying all I can at the moment, call me later".

Thinking about doing a DV on the second card with LVNV, keep making the monthly payments to My savings account, and making settlement offers as the savings accumulate.

Suggestions needed. Thank you.

I will eliminate debt!!

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