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Midland request for dismissal (yay)

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got a letter today, was thinking it would be more bop response but yes it is request for dismissal.

i did have a trial date for this month but with all the help from this website sending out demands for bop sent them running for now.

they want it without prejudice, can i do anything about that ?

and what about my court fees i payed?

really like to thank all on this webpage where i got the info from.without this site i would be paying these guys.

one down and maybe portfolio will cave in soon too.

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You can file in the court to get your fees back. Did they say they are just dismissing or did they ask you if you would dismiss? If they are just dismissing there is nothing you can do. Mine did that too and I almost wanted to yell 'object' in the court. I wanted it with prejudice too. Guess there is no harm and asking if they will do it with prejudice. After the dismissal goes thru the court, file a form to get your fees back.

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