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Must I have reports directly from CRAs?

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Quick question,

Before I send off my first batch of disputes, should I be ordering reports directly from the CRAs themselves?

currently I am using a 3-in-1 service from USAA.com. (I have already received the free copies several months ago, so am not eligible for that yet).

I don't mind spending the extra money for direct copies, in fact I think it would be better since those have very detailed information, but is it necessary before I send off disputes so that the 30-day response is applicable?

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You always want to get the hard copies. As you point out, they are more detailed. As accurate a credit report is going to be, the hard copies are by far the most accurate.

I'd order them and have them sent to me in the mail. With that said, the accounts you are 100% positive will be on any report, start with those while you are waiting on the hard copies.

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