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Charge off on original lender but CA says Paid Collection

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Grr, I wish I found this forum way back when. I hope someone can help...

I had a Chase cc and I stopped paying it back in 2007. The account was then taken over by a collection agency. In 2009, i sent them a letter that I will pay them the requested amount and in turn they will notify the credit bureau as paid in full. Account was then paid off and fast forward to a few days ago.

I pull my credit report and the Chase account's Status is "Charge-off". Then under closed accounts, the collection agency has "Consumer disputes this account information. Paid Collection".

Should I just leave this alone or notify the credit bureau about this account being taken care of? I'm just trying to repair and a bit stumped on leaving these two accounts on the report if its already paid off...

Please help?:(

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I'm not sure I'm getting everything here, but no problem with the accuracy of the report immediately jumps out at me, based on what you posted. Chase charged it off, so that is accurate. The CA was paid, and it sounds like you disputed the debt, so that is accurate. Just paying a charge off doesn't remove it or change its status from being a negative entry on your report. It just (supposedly) makes it a little less negative.

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