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Being sued by RSIEH llc! Please help!

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Not too long ago, about 10 days ago, I was served a Civil Citation saying I was being sued for a debt with the Target National Bank for about 2k and I have been summoned to appear in court on the 23rd. I am pretty sure that Rausch, Strum, Israil, Enerson & Hornik, LLC is the debt collector that is trying to collect this debt and that they purchased the debt from TNB. But, I am not sure 100 percent because on the the citation it says they are representing TNB as their Attorney and on a letter they sent for settlement stated TNB was their client.

I honestly have never dealt with this kind of situation and it is honestly mind boggling because of all the questions that are unanswered. I cant have my accounts frozen or my checks garnished to pay off this sum of money else things would become even more disastrous for me in the future. So if I can I would like to fight against it or at least get the amount they want lowered significantly but I am not sure how to do it...

These are the questions I need to figure out:

How do I go about answering a written answer to the civil citation?

Do I deny all the questions? or Admit to them?

Will a DV work in this case?

If so how do I go about doing it?

Would it be better to seek a lawyer after all?

Should I just settle?

Is it possible for me to lower the settlement amount?

And here is additional information that I hope can help answer these questions


State is Texas,

Amount Owed is $1967

Its not really much because I'm not sure what else to put on here. If there is anything else that is needed to help answer these questions then I'll be more than willing to share!

Any and all help will be fantastic and greatly appreciated!

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Check Target's entry on your credit report. If Target has sold the debt, it will state "sold/transferred" or "transferred to another lender"...something to that effect. If the account has merely been charged off, then Target still owns it.

Read your court's Rules of Civil Procedure. They will have information about answering the Complaint.

When was the last time you paid on the account? If I'm not mistaken, the SOL in TX is 4 years. It would also help if you would tell us what they included with the Complaint...cc statements, affidavit, cardmember agreement?

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Post the complaint, type it. Change the amount a little and redact your name. otherwsie, we have no idea what we are dealing with. Most likely RFJYHBCDBGFGJJKJ or whatever the hell their name is will just be the attorneys representing the plaintiff. Probably a dual agency, they do collections AND sue people. very common. What's important is the name of the plaintiff on the complaint.

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