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Collection Agency Trying to Collect on a Paid Debt


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There are two collection agencies trying to collect on a debt that was already paid. Here is a little background:

I had several loans that I consolidated. All the loans consolidated were with the same lender. The original lender was paid.

Now there are two collection agencies trying to collect from the original lender, not the consolidation lender. I sent a validation letter to both and they sent me paperwork from the original creditor.

It is almost as though the original lender is trying to double dip: they have already been paid but are still trying to collect.

What should I do?

Update: I spoke with collection agency again today. They told me that the loan is a personal loan from Sallie Mae and cannot be consolidated. However, as stated earlier in this post, they replied to debt validation request by sending me the promissory note that I used for consolidation.

The representative is simply not listening to what I am saying. It makes no sense.

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Because the promissory note lists all the loans that were consolidated. Or should I have an original document from the original creditor that states that all loans were paid through consolidation? If that is the case, no I do not have that sort of document.

You need to get a copy of the receipts for "payment to lenders" that the load consolidation company got from the lenders. Their word doesn't hold any water.

Most of these consolidation companies really end up ripping people off by not actually paying the lenders. It sounds like maybe you are a victim of this scam.

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