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We have a winner!

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After a 2yr battle the enemy has raise the white flag...Dismissed WITH prejudice! A long battle against a OC who tried to show no mercy, then wanted to dismiss w/o prejudice. My answer was consistent in that if you are giving up it will be on my terms not yours. They just filed my signed copy of dismissal with prejudice. I just spoke to the court and it has been closed and trial cancelled.

Thanks to a number of posters here, studying case law, and a lot of long nights reading on the net, I feel like I graduated law school now...lol. A lot of satisfaction beating up on a law firm at their own game, even though it may have not been a big case to them, keeping 6K in my pocket was very big.

To everyone still fighting their fight - Don't give up! There is A LOT of good stuff on here!

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