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Notice of Filing Errata

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I received the following in the mail today. What is my next step?

Notice of Filing Errata

NOW COMES, Plaintiff, by and through undersigned counsel, and hereby notifies the court that the Notice of Settlement and Request to Vacate Trail filed with the Court on or about December 12, 2011 was filed in error. Plaintiff and Defendant never reached a settlement and Plaintiff wished to vacate the trail for the reason that Plaintiff would be dismissing the case without prejudice and has sent a Stipulated Dismissal without Prejudice to the Defendant for her signature.

Plaintiff therefore respectfully request the Court to disregard the Notice of Settlement filed in this mater.

RESPECTFULLY SUBMITTED this 10 day of January, 2012.

Do I sign their Dismissal Without Prejudice and send it to them?

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