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RCS/CVF sending charge off debt as new 120del


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Hi new to the forums. Didn't see anything about this CA in searches.

EDIT: Pinned thread on LVNV, I guess this is just another alias for them, but not my specific concerns/fears. Sorry if this is just retreading old ground.

Been cleaning up my act and getting my wife and I's credit report/score in a better state for house buying in March. I have two serious negatives on my report. One was student loans that have now been consolidated and the old deliquent account should drop off in 2014 but its in good standing now so not gonna sweat it.

The other is another animal. MBNA Credit card that was eventually charged off back in 2005 (by BoA which bought MBNA at some point I guess) and sold to NCO. It was all scheduled to drop off in March 2012.

1. Part of my issue is not related to the CA but will bring it up here. Its being reported as DOLA about a year after the last time I am sure I ever paid on it. For example experian shows OK up to the point that I was paying, then No data for months, then all of a sudden there's 2 months of OK and then delinquent. I think MBNA/BoA aged it before charging off now looking at it more closely but I am so close to it dropping off (this March) that I don't think its worth pursuing a DV. Opinions? I don't want a dispute pending when I go to shop for mortgages in the Spring but I may want to get the date changed because...

2. NCO sold the debt to RCS/CVF (Resurgent/Sherman group based on google searcg) and these guys decided to crap on my credit report. I would not have known this had my Credit Karma not dropped in one month 50 points. Apparently based on EX report (TU report incoming in mail) they put a KD in with EX back in August 2011 on this debt. I am pretty sure they ahve done similar or worse on TU. They can't do anything of the sort can they? Even so, this shouldn't even be on here after 7 1/2 years of the original DOLA (which right now is March 2012) right?

I guess I am just unsure if I should go through the entire process (dispute with 3 reporting agencies on both OC and CA, then dispute with these jokers as needed) or what. I don't want a pending dispute kicking around after March but it looks like these guys are trying to re-age this account as of 8/2011? That's unacceptable.

Any help is appreciated. I am ready to send letters and whatnot but afraid of making things worse for getting a mortgage.

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Ok that is what I thought, so best bet is to wait for the OC to drop then persue legal action as needed?

That's what I would do. If LVNV's entry remains after the OC's falls off, dispute FIRST with the CRAs. The purpose of that is to preserve a private right of action under the FCRA by you against LVNV, if necessary. In addition, you might also have a cause of action against the CRAs depending on what they (the CRAs) did or didn't do to ensure the accuracy of the entry.

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