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Equifax Has Reinserted Disputed Items + Added A Fraud Alert

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I disputed several paid collections at the end of December with Equifax. On January 5th all but one of the disputed items came off my credit report and my score jumped 42 points.

I checked my credit report again on the 18th of January and the disputed items still didn't show up. However, upon checking my credit report on the 19th of January all of the disputed items had been reinserted and my credit score had dropped back down. They also put a fraud alert on my file.

On the 21st of January I get an e-mail from Equifax stating that the dispute was complete. It told me to check the results online but when clicking on the link in the e-mail their web server is down or it doesn't show any results for the dispute when I log in using the dispute reference number, my SSN and last name.

I have since wrote to them asking for them to remove the fraud alert. But what can I do about the disputed items being reinserted. They haven't sent a letter notifiying me about the reinsertions and I can't get any information about the dispute via their website.

I had also disputed the same items with Experian and they stayed off my report and experian sent me a letter stating they had been deleted, but nothing from Equifax.

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They have 5 days to notify you of the reinsertion. If they don't, they have violated the FCRA. IMO, you should allow 5 days for mailing. I had to fight with Equifax just to get my free annual credit report. You have to be rather stern with them to get them to do what is required by law. Document everything and send everything CMRRR.

I believe your next step should be to send them a MOV.

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