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Out of the country...

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After two continuances in which they stated they were in 'discovery' and failed to respond to my request for proof from over a year ago, on Tuesday I received a summons for a Feb 3rd Court Date (nice of them to give me such prompt notice). The problem with this is that I'm currently out of the country! The last continuance according to the last letter I received from the courts should have been up in the middle of December, so I didn't think that I would have any problems. Guess I should have double checked on that.

Problem is, what can I do now? I only have a week before the court date and to even send a letter to the courts from here would take longer than a week. I'm not sure if it's possible to ask for a continuance based upon the fact that I'm not in the country and what documentation would have to be provided, but I've been looking around on the internet since I got word from my family about the court date yesterday and so far I'm coming up with nothing that can really help me, except to have my lawyer take care of it, which I can't because I don't have a lawyer.

Is there anyone that can help me out? If I just miss this court date they'll find me in default and will order me to pay it, which is completely bogus. Would appreciate any help anyone can offer!

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File for your own continuance. They got a couple, you should be entitled to one as well, you have a valid reason.

At this point, it seems that's my only option. Problem is getting it to them on time. Court date is next Friday and mail from here takes about 10 days. Everything I've read said that a request for a continuance requires my signature, so mail is the only way to do it. I could send it priority, but even that only guarantees 4-6 business days and may not arrive in time. Would there be a problem with writing it, signing it and then scanning and sending it electronically to a family member, for them to deliver to the courthouse before my court date?

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