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Difference between JDB and CA

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Hello, I am new at this, and forgive me if I was to start a new thread on this, but I am trying to find an answer using search...and it's not coming up.

My question is somewhat related to this thread, although it's mine, and not the thread starter's..so my apology in advance.


what IS the difference between a junk debt buyer and a collection agency?

I have 5 different entries from American Capital Enterprises (which I googled and it came up as collection agency)

I have no idea who the original creditor was on any of these items (negligible as they are) and I hesitate in calling them for fear of initiating something..the date of which they report is '08. I have not used credit in over 10 years, and this would be a clear debt from way before '08.(I crashed and burned in '02, and from then on, did not initiate any credit debt since) I'm thinking they aquired this in '08 and reported it to the CRA's as new...however, I can't even figure out what these debts are!?

If in fact this is a JDB (although their name does not appear on the JDB list here) then I know for a fact they did some re-aging, and therefore, am thinking to send a request of validation?

If they are just a collection agency- does that mean the dates are accurate because they are collecting on behalf of the OC?

I hope this is not an aggrevating question....and I do apologize if it is lame...but, I'm trying desparately to understand the basics. :(

thank you so much.

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I moved your post over here so you'd have your own thread...

Junk Debt Buyers (JDBs) by the "rights" to collect on defaulted debts for pennies on the dollar from Original Creditors (OCs).

Collection Agencies (CAs) handle the debtor hassling for either an OC or JDB. CAs don't buy debts, and seldom have the legal authority to speak on behalf of the debts owner.

You can tell if an OC has sold your debt because their "tradeline" (TL) on your credit reports (CRs) will say "sold to another lender" and their balance will be $0.

The only date of any real importance is the "Date of first delinquency" (DOFD) listed by the OC. That's the date you missed your first payment, and never brought the account curreny again. If a JDB or CA reports a different DOFD...that's reaging, and a violation of the FDCPA (see the link at the top).

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NICE! Thank you for that clarification! now, all I have to do is figure out if this enterprise is JDB or CA. I'm using privacy guard, and there is little info on my actual (well, the one I got online from them) credit report. It looks like I have 5 entries, with different dollar amounts from them.

When I called Privacy Guard, they told me that my "actual" credit report (if I got it from each CRA) looks just the same. I find that hard to believe.

Is this true? There is little info on each entry: a name, a date, an amount, and what type of account it is. that is all.

I have never seen a credit report straight from a CRA...and I know it will take a couple of months to get them via snail mail.

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I have never seen a credit report straight from a CRA...and I know it will take a couple of months to get them via snail mail.

You can go to www.annualcreditreport.com and get your credit reports from the Big 3, for free, once per year. Do it all online in minutes, download the reports as .pdf files, no snail mail needed.



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Now that is a thought!! I will just have to wait now for the snail mail. But no matter ... I see there is a utility ding on my report; from southern Cal Ed...from 1996!!!! about $300 Does anyone here think I should just go small claims and sue for violation (come on, 14+ years it's been there!!!) Or, should I just keep it simple and report to CRA that this is clearly not supposed to be on my record.. I don't know how extensive it will be to sue.

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OK...so, here i have a mailed copy of my credit report from experian and concerning that utility account??? HERE it says my last payment was 5/11!!!

Uhhhh, as I said earlier; on this other report from online...it says the bill was from back in 1996??? This information is no where on this experian report...it says a completely different DOD, and It IS the OC reporting this.....what the heck is going on?

I have NOT made a payment, they LIE......plus, I have lived in colorado now going on 3 years......

It seems like the first time you pull your credit reports; they contain all kinds of BS....then, when everyone catches on that you are interested and gonna clean it up....all the dates begin to change to reflect recent activity!!!!(protection against violations..)

Am I just seeing things or has anyone else experienced this??? I copied these other reports with the different dates , same OC......thank goodness!

I am going MAD here..................:troll::conspiracy:xbugeyesx:ROFLMAO2::lolsign:


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It says, "date of last payment" 05/11 and, "date of 1st. deliquency" 12/09

and, "date Maj. Del 1st. Rptd." 05/11

This is not a JDB, cuz it says "southern Cal Edison"......and it does say, date opened 08/1996 $340.

So, should I mail (cmrr) them a DV or a MOV ? or shall I send them something that says it all; "this is not mine, you are reporting past SOL, with violations, and now you are reagaing....prove it's mine..etc..."

They say date of last payment 05/11....LIARS....believe me, I never sent them anything. Does it sound like someone else has utility in my name??

Thanks, not sure how to go about this....

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P.S. I know I have used this particular utility since 1996......I did in fact, have electricity in two different locations, for which I have paid fully, and closed out on time...and have had no knowledge of a balance oweing until now.....but, why would I be able to open new utility with this same OC..and they not try to collect from me during those years? this makes no sense to me.

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