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Larger Mailbox?


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Off topic, so I posted this here...

Would it be possible for users to have a larger limit to their mailbox? Somehow tie it into number of posts?

I vote for calawyer to have a larger mailbox (if wanted)!

I second that vote!! :)++

What I have to do to keep mine from overflowing is erase the sent ones. That helps.

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I vote for calawyer to have a larger mailbox (if wanted)!

Me too. But I am informed and believe, and thereon state that it is not possible. And I know that for a fact because someone on this board told me so.

Now, I'll just sign under penalty of perjury and get someone In New York to notarize it for me and we'll be all set to go!

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I download as text all the recieved posts in one folder

I download as text the sent posts into another folder

then I delete all the posts.

then I have alot of PM room.

So I literally have every single PM.

Now If I could just save important post links so I wouldn't have to search so hard.

I am gonna make a seadragons greatest posts links post to help but after my appeal.

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