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The hearing was listed as not held. What does that mean?


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Location: 12TH FLOOR COURTROOM D Staff: Prosecutors: Parties: MIDLAND FUNDING LLC - PLAINTIFF: Not Present Butthead - Attorney for PLAINTIFF: Not Present Me - DEFENDANT: Not Present The following event: PROPRIA PERSONA HEARING scheduled for 01/26/2012 at 2:25 pm has been resulted as follows: Result: HEARING NOT HELD

I was there and so was the plaintiff's lawyer. Why would they put us as not present and say the hearing was not held? I tried to search for an answer but did not find anything that seemed to be applicable.

Here is what happened there:

The lawyer was pleasant and asked if I had tried to settle the debt. I replied that no I do not think I owe them the money so she wrote down "denied liability" and we went back in to the room. The judge called me up and asked the lawyer what was up, the lawyer said that I denied liability so they would review everything and probably file for summary judgement. The judge looked at my answers and said that I denied everything so she would schedule a court docket.

So now I am wondering if there is anything I should do now? Can they file a summary judgement before the court date? If so should I try to file anything first? Like I said I followed brjhome6's thread on midland so have not filed any motions to compel or to strike or anything else. Should I file a motion to compel about the bill of sale that has everything redacted, and probably does not have my account listed on it anyway?

Thanks a bunch for the help so far.

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