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DV came back today

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Hello. I received information back on one on the DV letters I sent out and am not sure what I should do next.

The debt is for $299.91 for a Gym. They sent me a copy of the signed contract with an itemization showing the date that it was refered to them, date of service and the balance that is owed.

At this point should I try to see if they will do a pay for delete? If so, how much? Or is there anything else that I should do first?

**edit - The date of referral is 06/04/08. If I went by that date and being that I now live in Kansas, the SOL is 3 years, should I even worry about it? Can I still try and get it off the CRA's?

Thanks for any advice. :D

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Here is some more information.

I also received a letter stating:

Our office is in receipt of your letter of dispute and request for verification pursuant to 15 U.S.C and 1692g of the FDPCA. Please be advised we have contacted out (thats how they spelled it) client listed above who has confirmed the name and address listed on the account as well as the amount owed.

Please be advised we have reported this debt to the CRA, but in acknowledgemet of your dispute, we have requested the account be listed as disputed. CRA may take up to 30 days or longer to update reports and this is beyond our control.

Should you have any questions regarding this account or if you wish to discuss payment arrangements, please feel free to contact us.

Looking over the information they sent me, I am still unsure about this. Because they did not send me an actual payment history from the OC, how do I know this is the correct amount. The correct dates?

Also, are they not suppose to show that either they own or have been assigned the debt?

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They properly validated. All that is required for validation is basically "Yup, our client verified that we have the correct person and the correct amount." What you do now depends on how bad you want it off your report. Personally, I would only deal with the OC if I were going to do a PFD. From what you posted, it looks like they are collecting for the gym and do not actually own the debt.

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The validated and are not even required to send you a letter that is in your 2nd post. The problem with a pay for delete is, to do it right and really protect yourself, requires some time and effort and getting somebody on the phone or letter to work the deal.

For the amount of the debt you might be able to talk them into a pay for delete with full payment. I can't imagine for that little of money they are going to devote much time or energy.

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