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It's over--we won, case dismissed...!!!


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...without saying a word. :confused:

We were on our way up to the desk, next thing I know dh is grabbing me--calling my name saying,"...omg she said it's dismissed!"

We both look at the judge who's smiling at us and repeat,"...dismissed?"

She nods, smiling. We thank her and leave.

PRA was dismissing stuff like gangbusters.

Another defendant on today's calendar showed up before us, to learn his case was dismissed. We checked in, but were still on the calendar.

We have no clue why. 88-)

H&H sent a rent-a-lawyer to handle it for them. She said she was literally going from court to court, dismissing cases.

I'm grateful, thankful and relieved....especially for dh(whose case it was).

Special thanks to:

calawyer--answering my pm's, providing super-special motion assistance. Really can't thank you enough!

1111girl--thank you for sharing your rocking motion in limine!

VLDCA--sweetest pm's EVER! Thank you for all the support, kind words and advice. Dh thanks you , and is waving at you! :)++

chiquita--thank you for the pm's, kindness, care and advice on subpoenas and process servers!

varesa--for hanging in there w/me, cheering me on and being a source of information and support...BIG HUGS!

Seabeyond--fantastic advice, support and some of the best (funniest)posts --that have provided much comic relief through a uber-stressful period.

1stStep, BV80 and too many others to mention--who are always there w/advice, caselaw and perspective. Thank you! You guys are *so* amazing!

KentWA--for always posting fantastic nuggets of information. You rock!

Debtor's Husband--who wrote a post years ago, before I was a member that really inspired and taught me. I found it while doing research here, and it helped me to reign in my desire to serve a bunch of discovery.

...and just This WHOLE DARN BOARD! Thanks to Kristy for creating and maintaining such a fantastic source of support!

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Thank you, All...!

To any newbies reading this...

It's one of the scariest moments to get that summons. To suddenly be thrust into the legal system and know...nothing.

If you've found this board, you are seriously in good hands. But know this, you'll have to do the work.

If you think,"...maybe I should just settle" do yourself a favor and at least take the time to do some research about the company that filed suit against you.

The shadier the company, the less likely they are to have any sort of legal evidence that can win their case (i.e. force you to pay, obtain judgement against you, etc.). You will get chances to settle all along the way, and can always do that if you choose to. But if you are willing to, and make the choice to....you can beat them, and get ammunition to get their junk listings removed from your credit report.

At the very least, show the creeps you won't be bullied and will stand up for your rignts.

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I'm soooo happy for you :)

Isn't it great beating the bastards :)

Agreed that without this site, we'd be up the proverbial creek without a paddle! The best thing I (could say "we") ever did was find this site with so much phenomenal, friendly, and compassionate help!

Time to celebrate!!!! Equable Ascent .. pond scum of the lowest order .. and you showed them whose in charge :)

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