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is there a list of all the states that have sued or are suing Midland Funding?

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What relevance does this have to your case, if you have one? It would be inadmissible at trial anyway. If you must pursue this, use Google Scholar, advanced tab, select all courts, and use "v. Midland Funding" in the search box. Maybe you'll get something. Lots of their cases never go to court, tho.

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I believe that a state suing a business is pretty big. Especially for the same thing over and over again. I wasnt asking for consumer driven lawsuits. I wanted States themselves..

Texas v midland

Minnesota v midland

Maryland v midland that ended in a very bad agreement for midland.

I was hoping to find out if there were any more under reported 'agreements" with other states had been reached.

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Midland Funding has filed more than 3,300 debt collection lawsuits in Sedgwick County in the past 5 1/2 years, totaling more than $7 million in claims.

It's part of a nationwide sweep by Midland of old and often written-off debt that has brought the company more than $1 billion in collections in just the past two years.

The majority of the local lawsuits result in default judgments in Midland's favor, because the defendants don't show up for court.

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt said his office has received more than three dozen complaints about Midland.

He said they're about evenly split between allegations of abusive collection practices and attempts to collect money that isn't owed. Schmidt said he's tracking legal actions in other states that could end up affecting Kansas consumers.

Midland officials declined requests for an interview.

Schmidt asks that anyone who thinks they may have been subjected to illegal debt-collection practices or are being pursued for a debt they do not owe call his consumer protection office at 800-432-2310

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Midland is a subsidiary of Encore Capital Group - publically traded...reading their SEC filings is pretty interesting...especially when you get to the section regarding material risks - it discusses all the lawsuits against them.

The AG ones tend to be talked about in great detail. The ones filed by consumers are brushed over.

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