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1099-C received on dead relative's debt.

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My mother passed away back in September 2010 and the estate has already gone through a formal probate and been closed. This creditor was sent notice of the estate and never made a claim. Now I'm receiving a 1099-C for a cancelled debt sent to my mother in care of me. This was not my debt, but my mother's debt, and the creditor had notice and did not make a claim against the estate within the 90 day creditor period. My question is this:

Do I need to report this anywhere on my taxes? Does this have anything at all to do with my taxes? I live in Florida and my mother lived in Mississippi. Her will was probated in Mississippi.



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after the probate process, they have no standing to send you anything. the IRS really cannot go after you.

I would call the IRS for tax questions they have a number and they will advise you.

I believe the 1099 is way too late as it is 2 tax years late. You can only 1099 for the tax year the debt is excused in. The fact that they missed the boat and you are no longer the executrix/executor for the estate it has been already distributed.

so check with the IRS and note this is probably an fdcpa violation.

this is something I found way back when:


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