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Just to Be Clear About Answering a Complaint

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With regard to answering a complaint in California and box 3a on the Answer -Contract form # PLD-C-010 which says "Defendant generally denies each statement of the complaint or cross-complaint. (Do not check this box if the verified complaint or cross-complaint demands more that $1,000.)"

Does the complaint have to have the statement "I declare under the penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the forgoing statements are true and correct" in order for it to be verified?

What of the complaint is not for breach of contract and is just for "account stated" and is written out on pleading paper, does it too need to have that statement to qualify as verified?

I apologize in advance for this seemingly elementary question, I would just like to be real clear on this.

Thanks in advance for any and all responses, this sit is awesome!


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Yes, it would need some type of language that the complaint is true and declared under the penalty of perjury.

It might be beneficial if you could post something within the complaint that might make you think it is verified...most are not.

Make sure it's not the declaration of venue that you're looking at.

Feel free to ask additional questions.

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