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07 Judgement

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I live in Arizona.

Recently I went and applied for a mtg and found there is a judgement on my credit. The judgment is from 07. I am a little lost as I checked my credit a few months ago and there were no judgments listed against me.

I tried contacting the courts and they are giving me the run around stating that it is a old case and they would have to hunt for the records. I gave them a few days and they failed to locate them. The computer system states who the original plaintiff is but I am at a loss as to what I should do. I was never served with any summons hence I never knew there was even a court case going against me.

Do I have any options at this time?

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Not all judgments end up on your credit report.

It is unbelieveable that they wouldn't be able to pull the court case showing the default judgement issued against you. You are entitled to it and you should be able to access it online even. Most counties have the records online today. Check the Clerk of Courts website under your name.

Since you were not served, check into vacating the judgement. See what the rules/statutes are in your jurisdiction for vacating a judgement.

Note, judgements in AZ last 5 years (according to this link, check your states statutes to verify the info in this link) How Long Are Judgments Enforceable?

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The amount is for roughly around 800 dollars, per the Credit Report. As for access to the information I can not even pull the case up on the court website using a name search and I know that court has its docs online.

Yes SOL is 5 years. Getting close to that so I may just let it slide and see if they renew it or not. But really urgs me that I was never served or notified.

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In california; a JUDGEMENT is enforceable for 10 years, with a 10% per annum interest rate on unpaid principal. (Plus any other charges they feel like lopping onto your death sentance)

In addition, they can renew within 90 days of the expiration for another 10 years plus all the interest!!!

You may want to check your state about that.

Judgements suck. Especially if you got one under duress, and no legal representation.


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