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Yes, a subpoena for what? And from whom? I don't know the rules of your state but I would read it carefully and answer it before the date given on it. Most states give you about 10 days to answer a subpoena or you get an automatic judgement against you. If you intend to fight the debt collection for a judgement (which I assume this is) then you need to deny you owe the debt.

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This DC just sent me a subpoena.What do i do?

DC, "Darn Cat", from the Disney Movie sent you a subpoena!?!?! Wowwww!! Don't make him mad, he's got some sharp claws!!! :NudgeNudge:

I'm just joking!! But, I do agree with usagi...

Soooo not enough information.

We need to have a "Hall of Fame" for posts that are lacking in information. peanut1tiffany4, I hope you come back and can give everyone more details!!

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