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I need an attorney to help me negotiate a PAY FOR VACATE, in California

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Hello Everyone,

I have made a few posts with tidbits of useful information I have gathered during my credit repair process, so I hope some of you are getting some use out of them. I will be posting some letters that have worked great for me in getting bad debts deleted at the CRA level, here soon. Anyways that being said I have another few questions...

The background: Long story short, when I was 22 or so my roommate and I were laid off and were evicted one month short of completing our lease in California. A judgment/eviction was entered in 2006 for about $2000 with the Irvine Company, a huge land-owner/apartment owner in California.

No action has been taken by me to satisfy this judgment, and they have not tried to collect.

I now have a great job and I want to get this judgment off my credit via a pay for vacate. I don't want my employer finding out about this situation at all, so I intend to pay off the judgment, and hopefully negotiate a pay for vacate in the process. I intend to get legal counsel to handle this debt; as I mentioned this is not something I want my employer finding out about, and I cannot afford any mistakes by doing it myself.

Here are my questions in regards to this situation:

1. What type of attorney would be able to best help me negotiate this type of deal, and ensure all the proper paperwork is signed and recorded by all parties involved?

2. Is there a good site that rates attorneys?

3. Can anyone specifically recommend some attorneys in California for this, or attorneys who frequent this site?

4. The statute of limitations for me to request a motion to vacate with the courts in California is 2 years. Does that mean even if the plaintiff agrees to vacate, I will still be stuck with this judgment?

5. What forms must I have to send to the CRA's, and any tenant-screening companies proving that the judgment was vacated and that their information is invalid and needs to be removed?

6. Once I have the paperwork can I use it to then get the judgment kicked off my credit reports with the CRAs, or is that something that will have to be done by the plaintiff?

Thanks for the help, as always. I really appreciate it!

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If you pay, your CR will show that it was settled and paid or settled for less than full amount.

That looks better than not paying at all. It shows you didn't ignore it. Take heart. It will only stay on you CR for 7 years. It should fall off next year.

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