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A new low .... (but not surprising really...)

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Found this in my searches.... thought it might give people some insight and fodder to use in their researches and cases......

A debt collector wants me to create credit card statements

Guy on a firearms forum (no less :lol: ) responded to a job listing on CraigsList. The response he got was surprising, and gave him cause to report these yahoos to the FTC and the Attorney General!!!

I won't spoil the read for everyone... suffice to say--NEVER believe CA/JDB's when they show up in court with copies of statements showing you owe a debt!

ETA: WHOOPS! the wording in the linky gives it away... :oops:

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They are REALLY sticking their necks out doing this. What if the defendant kept all the original statements and showed up in court with them? Somebody would be disbarred over that one, and likely prosecuted.

Or what if somebody answered the Craigslist add, knew just how wrong what they were proposing was, contacted authorities, and then was asked by authorities to help nail the bastards? I would seriously be taking a trip to the AG's office with their responses if I stumbled across something like that. I would also be willing to do the job under the direction of AG's office (or other appropriate authority) and testify about it.

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