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Citicard Skwew up.... appreciate help?

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Thanks for the help all!

I hope i can untangle the mess.

Basics of introduction.

Paid off three cards

1 around $xxxx

1 around $xxxxx

1 around $xxxx

Never late and always paid as agreed on all cards.

Paid off two from the same two different companies that allege I owe them now in prior years of having their cards .

One was paid via a bank loan.

The two alleged were paid with several money orders I collected through the year .

I saved all these money orders in a jar in the back yard and buried. Then I wrote them all out per the respective cards I was going to pay off.

Because Money orders at most places of purchase only allow you to buy certain amounts and a certain number of checks per day I ended up with like....23 money orders with different amounts on each. Til I had enough to pay them both off.

I didn't see the pay off amount on one card and called them on it. They said that since I paid between the end of the billing cycle and the beginning of the next cycle, that more than likely it would show up on the next statement. Meanwhile I got the same talk from Discover. When I called in the middle of Nov. BOTH companies said they had received the payments, But because I had so many different money orders from so many different places they were going to have to have the check stubs for verification pursuant anti-money laundering procedures they had in place.

So I copied them all while retaining the originals. When I saw the next months statements ...they still didn't show payoff. So I called them back again, Always a different person that could barely speak English. They both said they had received the copies . HOWEVER.... They needed ORIGINALS...not COPIES of originals.

So I then Copied them all again and kept the copies for my records. I was really ticked off by now. So I sent them the originals and told that they had better resolve this quick told them both I was going to contact my States Attorney if they didn't get with the program.

By the 3rd month received no more monthly statements from either company. In February one sent me some offers to pay off any other high interest or high limit cards. Along with some convenient Checks for what ever purchase I might desire. Then on 5th month from (What now is an alleged default) they sent me a new Card

Also in the 4th or 5th month after (What now is an alleged default) I received a letter from the other Card telling me to come on back, because I was a valued member, and I should use them again.

Never did get a thank you for paying them off. Which isn't unusual,as they never have in the past when I paid them off.

Then in I got a collection notice from a debt collector for the one bank card. 2 weeks later they sent another dunning letter. So I looked on line about them and also found out that I should write them a Validation notice. Which I did. They never bothered me again.

Then I got a Letter from a different collector that wanted money for the for one of the cards So I wrote them a validation notice . They never bothered me again,....but then I got another dunning letter and now it was the the card that the other collector had tried to collect on. I called them about it and they said I needed to pay them I basically told `em they were nuttier than a fruit cake and to leave me alone. I didn't owe them any money.

Now the sued me and I answered and denied the complaint on all counts of their alleged allegations. They sent nothing with the complaint. Just the complaint.So I wrote them validation notice and told them to give me their records. Nine or Ten days later they sent me partials of statements with a rubber stamp on each page that said "THIS IS FROM A DEBT COLLECTOR".

Couple of folks here already straightened me out here .

Thanks Legaleagle and BV80 and usagi555

Been reading the Practice book but it is overwhelming me a bit.

Appreciate any help... Thanks in advance

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I checked your other thread and don't see where you argue you have already paid what they are alleging.

Why would you not just trace the money orders. You have the info, surly you did not send all the originals and not make copies.

I'm huge against affirmative defenses, but if you really paid them, you would have the perfect defense.

Twenty-three money orders already filled out, in a jar and buried in your back yard ? If you have no proof of that, it's going to be a very tough sell.

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It may have been a mistake to give them the originals. Did you receive any more monthly statements after the payoff? Were the payments ever shown on the statements? Your defense here could be accord and satifaction. That means you paid them. Any proof of mailing the originals? You may have to trace these yourself, go back to whoever issued the money orders. You have the numbers if you kept copies, so it should not be too hard. Get copies of these money orders and that should show that they cashed them. Might cost a few bucks, but if you can do this you may have an FDCPA claim against the law firm. It is a collections firm and is subject to the FDCPA. The new card is good evidence, they never would have sent this to you if the account was in default. If you can activate it and it is the same account number, buy something and see what the new balance is. If you get this info, we can rework an MSJ with sanctions against Citibank and the law firm for bringing a frivolous suit on a nonexistent debt.

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I can always use the help !

Thanks Coltfan !

Thanks Legaleagle!

More crappy luck for me. I had the copies but they were not Hard copies this time .I had them on my PC only. The hard drive was corrupted and I lost all info.All my music and tax records too. Wished I woulda saved it instead of junking it . I may have been able to get some kind a partial out of it or something. That was over a year ago now. So I know it ain't at the dump any more.

Ya know...it really ticks me off. They both stopped sending statements after the 3rd month.

Why do they never send me receipts of payoffs.Neither one never has. They just reopen a new card for me every time.

Why did they never write or contact me if there was an issue?

Why did give me a another card If I was allegedly defaulted?

Why did one credit card invite me back as a customer stating how the missed me and to COME ON BACK? Why didn't they contact me?

Why did they (Supposedly) Contact the first Collection co. and give them no proof?

Why did they then send it to another debt collector and provide no documents?

Why did the Debt Collector not send anything but a letter when they contacted me?

I mean...c'mon...I send a validation letter to the first collections co. and they never do provide me with anything Then another collection co. sends me two more letters with no documents and then don't respond to either request for valid documents .

I am old enough that I have had a few debt collectors come calling and I have always told them I don't know who you are..Sorry but you are mistaken. You need to give it back to the creditor and they can discuss it with me. You don't have any idea what its about. So I suggest you give it back to them and have them deal with me directly if they want to discuss the matter.

Every time I did this before the creditor would finally call me up and we'd find out it was a business error or they had just fired the person who was inept at their job or they had a double payment on record?

I have no outstanding debts and everything has always shown paid as agreed ...never late...closed/ paid. And it still is except for these two monkey's on my back.

Why is it now days that no one can speak English at these Credit Card companies?

Cripes I had one guy at one of the companies that had broken English so bad I had to get his supervisor to talk for him. When I called again they had no confirmation # from the last time in their records. So they created another(this time they did speak better but it was still tough) confirmation # when we talked about check stubs. When I called at the end of Dec 2010 they didn't have any confirmation number again. WTF? So I threatened to talk with the Connecticut State Attorney ...all the sudden they were nicey nicey and promised to have it taken care of soon.

I got close to the same crap from the other card company too !!! They never gave me any confirmation #s at all. But kept saying we'll take care of it sir...We'll take care of it.

I got no Bills after that. By the 5th month (after an alleged default they were welcoming me back with open arms. Then out a the blue 8 months later I got these people i've never heard of writing me collection letters.

It kinda smells of Racketeering and organized legal crime....sheesh!!!

Me thinks some fraud or possible money laundering . I did some research over the fall and found out that both of these companies have been accused of money laundering before.

I I noticed Citibank defrauded investors and tried to do an end run around a federal judge .PXssed him right off. The more I look the more I find that Citi pays off in the Millions of dollars ....on fines for fraudulent practices. Then they don't have to admit or deny their fraudulent business practices.

Looks like they might need another bail out ...so their branch banks don't default after defrauding investors.

Cripes I even had a fraud case from an individual against citibank no more than 12 miles from where I live. Sure makes me wonder after all this crap I have went through in the last year.

Wonder If I could subpoena Citibank records if I can make it to trial phase?

Thanks all for the knowledge you've all kindly provided .

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