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How can I get FIA to settle with me ? (LONG NOVEL)


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I had an MBNA Credit Card that I got into 9,000 on paying for student expenses.

I had two jobs and no problem paying it at the time.

I lost one job and MBNA offered me something called the "Hardship Program" provided I close the account and pay it off at $170 a month.

I lost my other job, I do not have enough savings to pay off FIA entirely. I can pay about 1/3 of what I owe left. I owe about $3800. I can pay $1000 to $1200 and that's it.

So I called FIA Card Services today and asked to settle for an amount- to tell me what they would settle for. They told me they did not do that and that I would just have to go 6 months without paying and deal with a collections agency and they might settle.

Can anyone advise me on how I might get FIA to settle so I don't have to go through 6 months of waiting and then dealing with a collections agency and having my credit screwed over anymore ?

I will not have the money that I have now in 6 months as it will be going to an attorney, I lost my job over a traffic stop where a cop accused me of being in possession of 6 pills that were not mine(I had purchased the car 3 months earlier and hadn't cleaned it out). IT has been proven they weren't mine and it has been shown to be illegal search as well but it is still taking legal fees and other fighting and will be 6 months to a year before it is all over as it was a small southern town and I was out of state.

My freedom is more important to me than MBNA/FIA but I want to settle this and pay them something.

I lost my home(I was renting from a friend) and am living in between my parents and sister's home and the only debt I have is this FIA and I want it settled and can't wait 6 months for the collections BS.

Because I've lost everything and explained that to them, I don't care about a a lien or judgement as I have nothing to lien against after paying for my attorney and I have nothing else to lose. So I could not understand why they would not discuss taking some money- 1/3 even rather than get nothing from someone in the future guaranteed.

I cannot get a job- even at a fast food place with the criminal charges not yet dropped.

Can anyone tell me how to get someone at FIA for discussion of a settlement ?

Thank you.

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There is one way to get them to settle so that it is favorable for you. You have to prove that you are dealing with a financial hardship. Call up FIA, if they have anot turned it over to a CA yet and tell them that you have gone through a significant financial hardship...they will ask you to send a hardship letter and how you plan to pay as well....Then wait for them to make an offer...negotiate after they come back with an offer.

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